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Tuesday Morning Report

The community's snow plowing contractor was able to plow Fairview Forest Drive and side roads at the top of the Mountain on Monday. The contractor was working again Tuesday morning in an effort to complete the difficult plowing of this particular snow event.

Remember that once the roads are plowed, extreme caution is advised until warmer temperatures and melting occurs. Slick areas, re-freezing overnight and black ice can pose a danger.

The Winter Roads Plan regulation is posted below. Be careful, be patient, be safe!

Pictured below are mountain views on Monday, December 10th. Photos by Gary Bolick (Click photo for larger view.)

Above: Folks having good fun on the Mountain.

Below — a look at Fairview Forest Road just above the S-curve on December 9th, courtesy of Mark Batkin (Click photo for larger view.)

Regulation: Winter Roads Plan

Legal requirements regarding snow removal: The Restrictive Covenants state that among the purposes of the Association is to "repair, maintain and improve" our roads. However, there is no duty under the Restrictive Covenants and By-laws to conduct snow removal activities. Snow removal is not maintenance nor is it repair. Snow removal is thus a service provided solely within the limits of the Association's budget. This policy defines the parameters of snow removal the Association will undertake. During snow/ice events, all roads shall be deemed "travel at your own risk".

The logistics and expense of snow removal make it very difficult for the community to plow its roads. Each winter season is different and each winter storm event really has to be judged and decisions made at that time.

Snow removal plan guidelines:

• The Association will not attempt snow removal until more than than six inches of snow has accumulated.

• Measurements will be taken generally at mid-elevations (tops of Maple Forest Road/Chestnut Forest Road and at the junctions of Poplar Forest Road and at higher elevations on White Oak Forest Road at Fairview Forest Drive.

• Other important factors include the pending weather forecast and the proximity of warmer weather.

• The decision to remove snow accumulation will be made by the Roads Committee Chair with consensus of the President and at least one other Board member.

• No clearing will take place until the snow storm is over.

• The Association will not de-ice or sand the roads. Homeowners are requested to not use rock salt (sodium chloride) on surfaces to melt ice. We need to protect our wells and our ground water source.

Winter On The Mountain

As a reminder for all residents and their guests, our mountain does receive snow during the winter months. Driving on the Mountain in these conditions requires all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, snow tires, tire chains and/or cables. Please prepare before an event occurs to get both your car and your home ready for winter. Power may go out during storms so be sure to have a few days supply of food, water and auxiliary heat ready. Snow plowing on the Mountain only happens in extreme circumstances and is handled per our Winter Roads Plan Regulation (see below). If you must abandon your vehicle, do so in a safe place, not in the middle of any road. Properly equipped and emergency vehicles require access. It is best to leave a vehicle at the Clubhouse during such an event.

Roads Update

For the safety of all users, stripes were put down the center of Fairview Forest Drive in October.

Weather permitting, we are planning on finishing paving on the main road from where the stripes stop to the end of the road.

On Fairview Forest Drive, we finished a major shoulder reshaping project on the upper portion, along with improvements to the cul-de-sac. The Fairview Fire Department recommended these safety improvements to allow for better access of the large fire trucks.

We are also paving White Oak Road in its entirety and some/all of Dogwood Forest Road depending on funds.

There is a large project under way fixing the head wall in the culvert that carries Trantham Creek under Black Oak Forest Road. This project is updating a crucial piece of our infrastructure that started failing due to its age and the added pressure put on it by the torrential rains we have had over the last two years.

Rental Committee

The newly formed rental committee is working through the details set forth in our amendment regarding short term rentals. The Rental Committee consists of David Robinson, Sam Samal, Paul Kersch and Mark Starkman. Rob Greene was present at the first meeting to get things going and to set a clear path as to what the board expects of this very important committee for FFHA.

Camera and Gate Discussion

There have been ongoing conversations at board meetings and through-out the community regarding the potential for installing cameras and/or a gate at the entrance to FFHA. The board has had direct input from leading camera and gate suppliers and we are evaluating the need and costs, initial and ongoing, associated with both these topics. No decisions have been made. The Board will present the community our findings at a future date. There are tremendous amounts of logistical issues to work out if either of these systems were to be implemented, especially if we all expect them to work 100% of the time, in a snow storm, at midnight, with no power, etc.