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Next monthly FFHA Board Meeting: Monday, March 19th

Annual Meeting Scheduled

The 2018 FFHA Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, April 28th. Mark your calendars and make plans to attend. Watch for complete details on the April meeting soon.

FFHA Seeks Volunteers to Conduct Feasibility Study on Measures to Mitigate Crime in the Community

Not that there is a crime wave run amok in Fairview Forest, but over the years there has been a vocal concern about what we can do as a community to improve overall safety against criminal activity. While we may be a private community, our roads are always open to friends and family, hired contractors, package delivery personnel, rescue personnel, the occasional short-term renters, real estate agents and their clients, and the odd joy rider. But mostly it is just homeowners up here on the mountain going about our daily business.

In recent weeks a burglary in Fairview Forest has once again brought the issue of community safety to the forefront. In an attempt to address these concerns, the FFHA Board is putting together a committee to provide a feasibility study on measures we can take to discourage crime in Fairview Forest. There is a general sense from some in our community that the first step we should take is to install video surveillance cameras at our entrance. Frank Coney, an FFHA member, has volunteered his time to head up this committee to draft a report on surveillance camera options, as well as other measures the community might take to insure overall safety. We are actively seeking volunteers to participate in this committee. Ideally we would have representatives from every road to provide perspective from every corner of Fairview Forest.

The goal of this committee would be to provide a detailed report for discussion at the Annual Meeting in April. Among other things, details of the report should contain cost/benefit analysis, success of surveillance as deterrent to crime as forecast by the Buncombe County Sheriff's Department, and usefulness of surveillance in capturing perpetrators of crime after the fact. A presentation at the Annual Meeting could result in a community vote on what action to take.

If you are interested in participating in this committee please contact the Board at All additional comments are welcome as well.

Fairview Forest Book Club

Property owner Ellen Haack heads up the Fairview Forest Book Club. Members are are currently meeting at each other's homes unless membership grows at which time they will use clubhouse. Click here for a list of reading materials put together by the club for this year and contact info for Ellen to inquire about dates, time, and location.

Major Changeover At Mailboxes

In late fall, the Post Office implemented the changeover in the arrangement of our mailboxes. Postal workers replaced the locks and reordered the addresses.

Questions and/or concerns regarding the new mailbox alignment should be directed to James MacLeod at

For those of you whose homes are either recently sold or in a pending sale, and you no longer plan to receive mail in Fairview Forest, direct the new owners to contact James MacLeod about getting their mailbox keys. If you do need to continue receiving mail until your closing, please be sure to either pass the mailbox keys on to the new owners at your closing, or turn them in to James MacLeod. This is of logistical importance as, over the years, many keys have been lost which caused additional unnecessary aggravation to the system. So please be conscientious of the new mailbox keys.