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Major Changeover At Mailboxes

On September 21, the Post Office implemented the changeover in the arrangement of our mailboxes. Mail was not delivered on that day as workers replaced the locks and reordered the addresses.

After ten days keys to mailboxes that were not picked up were turned over to FFHA for distribution as necessary.

Questions and/or concerns regarding the new mailbox alignment should be directed to James MacLeod at

A special note: For those of you whose homes are either recently sold or in a pending sale, and you no longer plan to receive mail in Fairview Forest, do not pick up the keys. Allow them to be returned to FFHA and, at your closing, direct the new owners to contact James MacLeod about getting their mailbox keys. If you do need to continue receiving mail until your closing, please be sure to either pass the mailbox keys on to the new owners at your closing, or turn them in to James MacLeod. This is of logistical importance as, over the years, many keys have been lost which caused additional unnecessary aggravation to the system. So please be conscientious of the new mailbox keys. Thank you.

In the Aftermath of Tropical Storm Irma

The aftermath of Tropical Storm Irma resulted in near gale force winds and heavy rain that took a toll on Fairview Forest and surrounding communities. Widespread destruction of our power grid was a challenging repair project for Duke Energy and their sub-contractors.

Many residents of Fairview Forest stepped into the breach and took matters upon themselves to help get through that challenging event. It is a true testimony to the power, strength, and will of people in a crisis situation. Notably, Rob Greene's efforts were exemplary. While life in Fairview Forest slowed down, it did not cease. Working in concert with the Roads Committee Chair, Rob trucked up and down the mountain at all hours. He responded to every community concern brought to his attention. He set his full-time job aside so that he could render assistance where needed in Fairview Forest. He ran interference for Fairview Forest when Duke Energy railed against all of the proactive work embarked upon by neighbors who cared about getting on with life.

Thanks to those of you who wielded chainsaws, axes, rakes, and leaf blowers. Thanks to those who checked on vulnerable friends and neighbors and thanks to all of the road reports that streamed in.

Trash Left At Mailbox Shelter

This trash was recently left on a Saturday morning at the mailbox shelter. The trash consisted of coffee grounds, Sonic fast food, water bottles, and some other to-go food. Based on this I am assuming someone's guests got confused and thought the mail boxes were a dumpster. Please advise all guests and or family and friends visiting your house that this is not cool.

Thank you,
Rob Greene, FFHA President