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Annual Meeting Upcoming!

The 2018 FFHA Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, April 28th. Mark your calendars and make plans to attend. Click here for complete details on this important community meeting.

President's Message

Read the latest President's Message by FFHA President Rob Greene ahead of this year's Annual Meeting.

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Covenant Changes Coming to a Vote

Short-Term Rentals — Covenant change regarding the issue of Short-Term Rentals in Fairview Forest is coming to a vote. In the weeks following the Annual Meeting, members of Fairview Forest will receive notice of an impending vote to change the covenants regarding Short-Term Rentals in our community.

Vote To Annex Land — Annexation of additional acreage into Fairview Forest is to be voted upon by association members. Based on the affidavits submitted to the FFHA by the resident making this request, the Board views the annexation as largely beneficial, to the community, the immediate neighbors to the properties involved, and to the requesting homeowner, and therefore recommends a yes vote. Our attorney is currently analyzing these affidavits. Additional information will be forthcoming.

Research Underway Concerning Surveillance Cameras for Fairview Forest

Nothing causes a person to feel victimized the way a burglary of their home does. The sense of violation is high, and the concern over what to do about it can overwhelm the senses. Burglaries are often never solved. Police institutions have limited resources, and generally, without leads cannot effectively help the victim.

Fairview Forest has periodically been targeted by such crimes, but not often. Understandably, the hue and cry has been for the Homeowner's Association to do something about it because of the high degree of helplessness some feel. It is often broached that the community should invest in surveillance cameras at the entrance so that we have a visual record of who comes and goes, be they neighbors, friends, contractors, vacationers, people passing through to check out properties for sale, or people who have absolutely no business being in our neighborhood.

Currently FFHA has enlisted the help of Frank Coney to lead a committee to review surveillance products appropriate for Fairview Forest. e will discuss their findings at the Annual Meeting.

Explanation for the 2018-19 Budget

The 2018 Budget, which was approved at the March Board meeting, is enclosed in the Annual Meeting packet mailed to all property owners. The annual assessment remains the same, $698.00. The Board is focused on operating efficiently and keeping the assessment to a minimum. The annual assessment is due June 1st of each year. We will discuss the budget at the Annual Meeting, and the membership will vote to accept the budget.

There were some minor changes to the budget. The most significant were an increase in Accounting Fees by $1,300 and a reduction of Legal Fees $2,300. The Accountant for the Association had not increased fees in several years. We decreased the Legal Fees anticipating settlement of the Short-Term Rental lawsuit.

Fairview Forest Book Club

Property owner Ellen Haack heads up the Fairview Forest Book Club. Members are are currently meeting at each other's homes unless membership grows at which time they will use clubhouse. Click here for a list of reading materials put together by the club for this year and contact info for Ellen to inquire about dates, time, and location.