Welcome to Fairview Forest Online information service providing timely updates, news, and reference materials to residents and property owners of Fairview Forest — a private community in Western North Carolina.

Next Board Meeting

The FFHA February Board Meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 19th, at 6 p.m. at the Clubhouse. Property owners and members of the community are invited to attend these monthly meetings where the business of Fairview Forest is conducted.

Annual Meeting Scheduled

The 2018 FFHA Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, April 28th. Mark your calendars and make plans to attend. Details as the date nears.

Road Paving Work Completed

The paving contractor, Emery Paving Co. completed the road paving in the community in late fall. Paving was done on Fairview Forest Drive — near Hickory Forest Road, and applied split seal to the main road beyond that point. Split seal is a process of alternately layering liquid emulsion, and stone until the proper layering is achieved. This is an economical process used for maintaining road surfaces. A portion of Chestnut Forest Road was paved where the road was badly pitted. On the main road, Emery Paving applied a fog coat, which seals the loose gravel, and extends the life of the new split seal.

Major Changeover At Mailboxes

In September, the Post Office implemented the changeover in the arrangement of our mailboxes. Postal workers replaced the locks and reordered the addresses.

Questions and/or concerns regarding the new mailbox alignment should be directed to James MacLeod at

A special note: For those of you whose homes are either recently sold or in a pending sale, and you no longer plan to receive mail in Fairview Forest, direct the new owners to contact James MacLeod about getting their mailbox keys. If you do need to continue receiving mail until your closing, please be sure to either pass the mailbox keys on to the new owners at your closing, or turn them in to James MacLeod. This is of logistical importance as, over the years, many keys have been lost which caused additional unnecessary aggravation to the system. So please be conscientious of the new mailbox keys.