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Next monthly FFHA Board Meeting: Monday, July 24th, 6 p.m.

Snake Bites Quadruple

According to the Carolina Poison Center, reported snake bites have nearly quadrupled in 2017 compared to last year.

Copperheads, cottonmouths, as well as several species of rattlesnake, are native to North Carolina and officials say they receive on average about ten times the number of calls about copperhead bites than all other venomous snakes combined. Snake bites from copperheads are rarely fatal.

Asheville Wildlife Removal reports a large spike in the number of calls it had received for snakes, and even snake dens, or snakes with babies.

Bites are not only on the rise among people. The Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital reports nine dogs were treated for snake bites over one recent weekend compared with about 50 cases total last year, with one pet even passing away.

Tree Trimming Continues

Tree trimming by the utility company is underway on the mountain. Residents are asked to drive slowly when encountering the locations where the work is being performed and to always be courteous and friendly to the workers. Delays should be minimal while this necessary work continues in the community.

While the tree trimming might look intense, it is needed to keep the growth under control and away from the utility lines. Within a short period of time, it will be difficult to even pinpoint the areas where the trimming occurred.

Reference: Duke Energy - Trees & Rights of Way

Assessments Now Past Due

The budget for 2017 was approved by the membership at April’s Annual Meeting. The assessment amount that was due June 1, 2017: $698.00. Reminder invoices were mailed to all property owners following the Annual Meeting. As of July 1st, an extra 5% late fee was added.

Restrictive Covenants, Article 10, details assessments. Each property owner is responsible for payment of assessments by the due date regardless of notification by the Association.

Remittance of FFHA assessment amount should be mailed to:

Fairview Forest Homeowners’ Association
c/o John P. Wood, CPA
138 Mt. Carmel Rd
Asheville, NC 28806

For questions and details about assessments, click here.

Additional comments or questions regarding assessments, finances, or the Association should be sent directly to FFHA and not to our CPA.