FFHA: Annual Meeting 2018

Make plans now to attend the 28th Annual Meeting
of the Fairview Forest Homeowners' Association!

Saturday, April 28th, 2018

Registration and buffet - 11 a.m. to Noon
Business Meeting - Noon until Adjournment

Fairview Forest Clubhouse - Fairview, North Carolina

The On The Mountain Annual Meeting Edition newsletter including details and information about the April event has been mailed to all property owners.

All members of Fairview Forest Homeowners' Association who are in good standing may participate. Anyone who is interested in Fairview Forest may attend, but may not vote. If you are a member in good standing but cannot attend, you are encouraged to assign your proxy to an attendee to vote for you at the meeting; you can download the proxy form from this page. The proxy form will also be included in the Annual Meeting packet of information being mailed to property owners.

Click here to read the FFHA President's Message ahead of the Annual Meeting.


Registration of qualified voters and proxies

Call to Order and Welcome
Report on quorum number and proxy assignments
Rules of the meeting
Introduction of board members and officers

Reading and approval of minutes from 2011 Annual Meeting

Committee Reports
- Architectural Committee (Will Evans)
- Communications Committee (James MacLeod)
- Green Space Committee (Rob Greene)
- Legal Matters Committee (Mark Batkin)
- Roads Committee (Gary Bolick)
- Clubhouse Committee (Pam Clark)
- Financial Committee - 2018 Budget (Julian Brinson)

Old Business

• New Business

Election of Board

• Adjournment

Revocable Proxy

At the FFHA Annual Meeting, each member in good standing may be represented at the meeting by proxy assignment. The assignment can be to any resident of the State of North Carolina who is 18 years or older. The proxy must be filed by the member or his proxy with the secretary or registration committee at the meeting. A proxy holder shall not reassign a proxy to a third party. Property owners who cannot attend the Annual Meeting are encouraged to assign a proxy to represent them at the meeting. Click here to download a copy of the proxy which should be sent to the Association by U.S. Mail or the form can be scanned and emailed to

Budget Ready for Approval at Annual Meeting

The Finance Committee has prepared and readied the new budget and it has been accepted by the Board of Directors and now goes to the membership at the April Annual Meeting for approval. A copy is included in the Annual Meeting packet mailed to property owners. The annual assessment remains the same, $698.00. The Board is focused on operating efficiently and keeping the assessment to a minimum. The annual assessment is due June 1st of each year. We will discuss the budget at the Annual Meeting, and the membership will vote to accept the budget.

There were some minor changes to the budget. The most significant were an increase in Accounting Fees by $1,300 and a reduction of Legal Fees $2,300. The Accountant for the Association had not increased fees in several years. We decreased the Legal Fees anticipating settlement of the Short-Term Rental lawsuit.

Rules of the Meeting

• Only those property owners in good standing who have registered in person or by proxy may vote at the meeting.

• The meeting will follow the agenda as distributed in the meeting notice.

• Voting will be by one of two methods:

1. Votes will be in writing on motions and elections.
2. Votes will be by hand-held voting cards (found in your registration packet at the meeting) on procedural matters, such as approval of the budget.

• Simplified rules of order will be followed:

— On a motion from the floor:

1. Motion shall be in writing.
2. A second to the motion is required.
3. A motion to table will be in order. (A "motion to table" allows a majority of attendees to set aside a motion that they do not wish to consider.) If such a motion is made and seconded, a vote to table will be taken by voting card. If the motion to table is passed, the original motion will not be considered. If a motion to table is not made or fails, the original motion will be discussed and voted on.

— Right to speak to the meeting:

1. An attendee may speak when recognized by the Chair. Recognized speakers should state their names. Questions and comments should be brief and to the point.
2. Unrecognized speakers and private conversations are discouraged.
3. The Chair has the right to limit the length of debate on a motion.

Two Positions Up for Election

Two positions on the Board are up for election this year: Will Evans and Rob Greene.

Will continues to bring his experience as an architect and his commensurate vision of Fairview Forest to the decision making process so necessary to maintain the integrity of Fairview Forest. He willingly volunteers his time to the benefit of FFHA, and Leadership whole-heartedly endorses his re-election.

Rob has been the lead steward of FFHA for three years now. His contributions to Fairview Forest cannot even be quantified, for he goes above and beyond the call of duty, and has guided FFHA through some pretty stormy days. Fairview Forest is all the better for his efforts. Leadership whole-heartedly endorses his re-election as well.