President's Message

By Rob Greene, FFHA President

As 2018 gets started I have had time to reflect on the past year spent here in Fairview Forest and to that note, here is a quick review of what has been accomplished.

We are in year 2 of our five-year road plan to resurface all of our roads. The split seal that we use lasts 3-4 years and hot mix asphalt lasts around 10 years. Once we get all the roads resurfaced we will then start the process all over again, starting at the bottom of the main road.

Chestnut Forest and Fairview Forest Drive were the roads of focus for 2017. We are in a position now that when we resurface a side road we do the entire road, instead of bits and pieces of the road. This will help to get us on a more consistent rotating schedule of road resurfacing.

There was shoulder work done, on Fairview Forest Drive, Dogwood and Chestnut, these continued improvements to the shoulders help keep the roads in good shape by promoting proper water drainage and by allowing the roads to dry faster which helps to keep them stable.

One of the bigger storm events was hurricane Irma that left extensive damage to Fairview Forest. Many trees and power lines were brought down and it was by far the largest clean up we have had here in many years. Because we have reserve funds and the ability to move money around we were able to very quickly clean up and keep the community informed and moving forward in a safe manner.

Communication director James MacLeod has worked tirelessly to get our new system of email communication up and operational. Much effort is required to keep this system working, and for that I thank him. It is this email system that keeps everyone in communication as these storm events happen, and as we clean up from these various events. 2017 also saw the reshuffling of our mailboxes; James led this initiative along with the USPS. The new box layout is helping the mail delivery people with an easier system for putting the mail out by groupings based on the roads we all live on instead of the haphazard random system we had.

As we prepare for the Annual Meeting I would like to invite everyone to attend, especially all the new residents, this is great way to meet your neighbors and to learn about how our association works. In the era of hyper partisanship it is crucial to be involved so that we can all make informed decisions about the future of Fairview Forest.

Very soon there will be forthcoming from the Board comprehensive information about a compromise solution to the Short-Term Rental situation in the form of a proposed new covenant that addresses the needs of everyone in Fairview Forest. No matter what side of the fence you fall on this topic, it will be crucial that everyone understands how we got here, what could happen next, and then the vote. I am expecting that every property owner votes, and that we have 100% voter turnout. This is the most local of all politics; having your voices heard in the form of voting is the most important part of being in an HOA. This is our association, not anyone else's. It is all of us who should determine our path forward, not some judge that doesn't live here.

In addition to the information about the proposed new covenant on Short-Term Rentals, the Board will be sharing information on a second proposed covenant dealing with annexing land into Fairview Forest. A developer who already owns property in Fairview Forest has requested that he be permitted to add contiguous acreage to Fairview Forest, which will allow him to improve the marketability of his two lots. A few of the benefits to the community include the spreading out of the two building sites (instead of two homes being built right next to an existing home); spreading out the impact of new wells to our aquifers, and preventing this new acreage to be subdivided in the future (these two new larger acreage lots will not be able to be subdivided ever).

Additionally the community gets a large amount of high quality roadwork done at the developer's expense at the top of Fairview Forest Drive. All these benefits are based on the approval of this second proposed covenant.

I wanted to share this information with you now, but we will not be voting on these two separate covenants at the Annual Meeting (voting on these covenants is via mail-in ballots). We will have a question and answer session regarding the proposed covenants while the director votes are being counted.

Volunteers are what make our association work. I would like to thank all who help throughout the year to make this a great place to live. Special thanks go to Grant Wilson, Frank Coney, and David Robinson, who got together, and hammered out the groundwork for the Short-Term rental compromise. I would also like to thank Pam and Troy Clark for their tireless service to the clubhouse. I would like to thank Frank Coney again for heading up our new committee that is investigating the pros and cons of surveillance cameras, and how they may be used here in Fairview Forest.

I am so proud of my fellow Board members and committee chairs for their tireless volunteering. Each of them is simply awesome at what they do for Fairview Forest. I would like to see more of our newer residents get involved with helping to shape what Fairview Forest will look like in the future.

It was nearly 20 years ago that Gary Bolick and I got involved with Fairview Forest (when we were both in our 20s). I am a strong believer that new blood is the lifeline of these types of associations. If you feel like you want to help shape our future here together please reach out to me. Gary and I, and the rest of the Board are not getting any younger, and we need to get more people involved in our culture so that Fairview Forest continues to be the great place it is to live.

We are not the stereotypical overbearing HOA. Together, with lots of volunteers and people who participate, we will continue to be a model HOA for others to wish they belonged to.

Again I look forward to seeing everyone at the annual meeting. Lunch will be provided and positive vibes will hopefully be shared by all present.